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Head Start Program

The early years of childhood are a very important time in a child’s overall development.  It is a time learning patterns and skills are developing, emotional development is taking place, the child’s curiosity is increasing rapidly, and the child is developing into an individual – mentally, physically and emotionally.

Head Start is a comprehensive child development program designed to assist families and children during these developmental years.  The program provides for health care services, educational services and special needs services for the child and family.

In the sixteen counties that the Head Start Program serves, there are three options available – a center based program, a home based program, and a combination program.

  • Center Based Program – Children attend the center for four hours a day, four days a week. while there, children participate in developmentally appropriate, active learning activities.

  • Home Based Program- A Home Base Teacher visits the family’s home weekly for 1 1/2 hours.  During that time, parents set goals they feel are important to their child’s development and their family’s well-being.  Activities done on visits are reflective of the goals set by parents.  Children and parents are encouraged to participate in socialized activities through mini groups.

  • Combination Program -A combination program may be an option for some areas.  This option includes attendance by the children at a center setting usually with a public pre-school one to three days a week and the teacher does a weekly or bimonthly home visit.  The services delivered are the same as each of the home based and center based option.  An example of a combination would be for children to attend a classroom setting for 2 days each week for 4 hours each day.  The children and families receive 2, 1 and 1/2 hour home visits each month.  Services received are the same as each of the home based and center based.

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